Robotic Weld Operator

Responsibilities ? General

  • Perform duties related to safety, quality and productivity for all Internal Supply operations

  • Must be able to demonstrate operational excellence through attitude and actions

  • Present a professional quality image and encourage others to continuously produce to a high standard of quality while seeking continuous improvements

  • Demonstrate polite, courteous, and helpful disposition when dealing with people both internally and externally

  • Ability to provide feedback in a professional manner and escalate items as required?

Responsibilities ? Robotic Weld Operator
Plan and perform manual, semi-automatic and automated arc welding operations to join similar and dissimilar metals in each of the welding processes and positions ?qualified?, to achieve structural and mechanical requirements. Weld process utilized, but are not limited to, include shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), gas metal arc welding (GMAW), flux cored arc welding (FCAW), submerged arc welding (SAW), resistance welding (RW), air carbon arc gouging, oxyacetylene brazing and flame cutting operations. Work involves the assignment to any one or more of the I.R. processes, a basic understanding of program modifications and the ability to clear typical weld faults during production. Position requires the collaboration with and approval of the Weld Engineering Specialist concerning programming issues and editing, process troubleshooting and set-up of prototype weldments.
Equipment utilized includes a wide variety of welding power supplies, welding positioners, robotic welding cells, stands, fixtures, tables, and any peripheral welding support equipment associated with each welding process. Materials processed are handled by hand, lift truck, jib boom hoists, or an overhead bridge crane. Responsible for maintaining workplace in a neat and orderly condition, detect and report faulty equipment operation, capacity to assess weld system problems and provide accurate information to the Weld Engineering Specialist, Supervisors and equipment supplier. Perform routine welding maintenance and replacement of welding consumables.
Receive direction from supervisor and oral instructions relative to work assignments from Group Leader. Work from detail and weld assembly drawings, shop orders and schedules, to plan and perform assigned welding operations in the fabrication of drums, consoles, frames, steering and swivel weldments, fuel/hydraulic/water tanks and other current product line weldments. Collaborate with the Weld Engineering Specialist in the development and approval of new robotic welding programs, perform first run prove-out, and make recommendations on operational sequence, equipment speeds and wire feeds rates.
Interpret drawing/shop orders, and provide input to assist with the development of fixtures, welding requirements and Welding Special Process Instructions (WSPI?S). Fabricate holding fixtures as approved by the Tooling Department. welding wire and tips appropriate to work requirements, set welding parameters, gas pressures and related controls. Load part or parts and secure with blocks, clamps or holding devices on welding tables, floor, stands, positioners or prescribed fixtures. Run first piece, check critical dimensions and inspect weld requirements to insure conformance to quality and engineering specifications. Identification stamp finished weldments.
Identify and notify the appropriate support group of faulty equipment operation, defective material, questionable drawing requirements, and any unusual process condition. Cooperate with other welders and Employee Involvement Teams, as assigned, in performing work such as initial welding of new product weldments, weld process improvements, cost reductions, weld cycle time reductions and productivity gains.

Skills / Experience Required

  • Follow all prescribed safety regulations

  • Minimum of two years? experience in gas metal arc (GMAW) and flux cored arc (FCAW) welding or have held a welder position at this facility previously and maintained welder certification.

  • Volvo Construction Equipment certification in gas metal arc (GMAW) and flux cored arc (FCAW) welding

  • Ability to read blueprints

Level of Education

  • High School diploma and Technical or Vocational completion is required


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